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    On this page you will find the menus written in English.


    Was it love at first sight?

    Salads, soups, bruschetta & antipasti


    Enjoy our traditional Italian specialities. Delicious, authentic antipasti, exquisite soups and salads.


    Impressive main courses await you!


    Choose something from our varied menu.


    Who does not love you? The Pizza, a masterpiece of our pizza baker, who prepares every pizza with great dedication.

    Meat Speciality

    Not only are we good at making pizzas and cooking pasta, but we are also passionate grill lovers. Don't miss our meat and grill specialities.​

    Pasta Speciality

    Impressive main courses await you, such as homemade pasta prepared according to traditional recipes!


    Eat and enjoy one of our many dessert creations.

    Banana Split

    Our world-famous traditional banana split with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a wafer.

    Ice Cream

    For all Ice Cream lovers! Simply choose your favourite flavour.

    To name a few: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and many more. These are also available with a wafer and, if desired, with whipped cream, chocolate sauce or crumble.​

    Panna Cotta

    A creation made from milk, whipped cream, honey, sugar, and fresh berries.


    Tiramisu, which is prepared according to a centuries-old family recipe, just as my grandmother used to make it in southern Italy in 1930.